Weekly Comment

Every month Pharmacy Daily recruits an industry professional to be our guest columnist and supply the industry with general information about their profession or service, which features in the issue each Monday.
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Weekly comment

Posted: Mon 18 Jul 16

Weekly Comment – 18 July 16 : Extraordinary or ordinary?

AS leaders we are in a constant battle between what we desire to be and what we actually are going to be.

Posted: Mon 11 Jul 16

Weekly Comment – 11 July 16 : Security in our world of innovation and technology

THE innovation and technology landscape in pharmacy has raised concerns regarding data, privacy, security and confidential medical information.

Posted: Mon 27 Jun 16

Weekly Comment – 27 June 16 : “Negotiate your lease carefully”

THE two biggest expenses in any retail business are rent and wages and in pharmacy it is no different.

Posted: Mon 20 Jun 16

Weekly Comment – 20 June 16 : “Tips on becoming a pharmacy owner”

BUYING your first pharmacy can be a daunting task.

Posted: Mon 06 Jun 16

Weekly Comment – 6 June 16 : “Stock values deceive”

RECENTLY we have been having problems with stock estimates when businesses are sold.

Posted: Mon 30 May 16

Weekly Comment – 30 May 16 : “It’s all about execution”

DELIVERING a successful and meaningful health program in your pharmacy is something that takes practice.

Posted: Mon 23 May 16

Weekly Comment – 23 May 16 : “The professional services journey – get in the driver’s seat”

IT IS essential not only to have an understanding of what ‘professional services’ actually means in the context of your business now and in the future, but also how the vision is interpreted by both your staff and customers.

Posted: Mon 16 May 16

Weekly Comment – 16 May 16 : Are you adequately servicing your patients?

INNOVATIVE delivery of professional services is unexpected; an over and above offer to customers.