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Every month Pharmacy Daily recruits an industry professional to be our guest columnist and supply the industry with general information about their profession or service, which features in the issue each Monday.
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Weekly comment

Posted: Mon 14 Mar 16

Weekly Comment – 14 March 16 : Embracing cloud computing

CLOUD computing enables the efficient use of information and software that is stored in the cloud, and pharmacies can reap many benefits by adopting cloud based services.

Posted: Mon 07 Mar 16

Weekly Comment – 7 March 16 : Customer Experience

IN AN increasingly uncertain and competitive environment for community pharmacies, providing a great customer experience is the differentiator for your business.

Posted: Mon 29 Feb 16

Weekly Comment – 29 Feb 16 : When referral is recommended

AS A pharmacist, your medicines expertise and frequent contact with patients prescribed antidepressants makes you ideally positioned to provide education, discuss management plans and monitor effectiveness and adverse effects to treatment.

Posted: Mon 22 Feb 16

Weekly Comment – 22 Feb 16 : Addressing antidepressant expectations

APPROXIMATELY 50% of people with depression respond to treatment with the first antidepressant trialled.

Posted: Mon 15 Feb 16

Weekly Comment 15 Feb 16 : Supporting antidepressant adherence

Suboptimal medicine use as a barrier to successfully treating a medical condition is something all pharmacists are familiar with.

Posted: Mon 08 Feb 16

Weekly Comment – 8 Feb 16 : Antidepressant discontinuation symptoms

DISCONTINUATION symptoms can be experienced by any patient taking an antidepressant, particularly after reducing or skipping a dose or stopping their medication.

Posted: Mon 01 Feb 16

Weekly Comment – 1 Feb 16 : Beyond antidepressants

MOST patients I speak to want to know if there are non-drug options to manage their conditions.

Posted: Mon 25 Jan 16

Weekly Comment – 25 Jan 16 : How diversified is your portfolio?

A RECENT survey by Investment Trends found that the average self-directed investor in Australia holds shares in just 18 companies with a large portion to a few stocks, namely the big four banks, Telstra and BHP since they represent almost 50% of the market.