DISPENSARY CORNER Wednesday September 16 2015

The Dominion Post report on topselling
cough and cold remedies in
New Zealand (PD yesterday) came
with some pithy commentary
from clinical pharmacologist
Matthew Doogue from the
University of Otago.
As well as pointing out
that many over-the-counter
remedies are not backed up by
clinical evidence, Doogue noted
that when it comes to cough
suppressants the best thing is
heroin – but “no legal substance
had been proven to work”.
And although other popular
remedies such as honey and garlic
were also unproven, virologist
Dr Lance Jennings noted that
people in Russia had “effectively
worn garlic around the neck to
keep people away and reduce
transmission of the virus”.
Fa cial hair will be in focus at the
Kansas State Fair this year, which
for the first time ever will see
moustaches and beards judged
alongside livestock.
The “hairy competition” taking
place next weekend has a range of
categories including best in show,
freestyle moustache and “natural
moustache with no styling” – as
well as female’s fake facial hair, in
which participants will be able to
use any material they like.
It’s the brainchild of the Wichita
Beard and Moustache Club, which
says it wants to get more people
involved in facial hair contests.