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Latest Health, Beauty and New Products

Posted: Wed 19 Jul 17

BB Cover Foundation/ Concealer

MIKATVONK makeup by Jay Jay has released its BB Cover Foundation/Concealer in three subtle shades to match most skin tones: Natural Beige (pictured), Dark Beige and Skin Beige.

Posted: Wed 19 Jul 17

Naturstyle Hair Colour

THE NaturStyle hair colour range is a set of permanent home-applied hair colours that deliver an even finish.

Posted: Wed 19 Jul 17

SkinB5 Acne Treatment Pack

SKINB5 Moderate to Severe Acne Treatment Pack is a value pack ideal for moderate to severe acne and oily skin types.

Posted: Wed 19 Jul 17

Super Organic Coconut Oil Tablets

NATURE'S Way Super Organic Coconut Oil Tablets is a superfood (high-nutrient density) tablet containing pure, unrefined and island-fresh coconut oil.

Posted: Wed 12 Jul 17

Fight inflammaging with Booster Oil

INFLAMMAGING is the concept around illnesses and ageing being caused by long term exposure to toxic ingredients and habits, such as bad eating, pollution and smoking, that slowly age the body.

Posted: Wed 12 Jul 17

Mikatvonk Collegen Mascara

MIKATVONK Collegen Mascara by Jay Jay is available in either waterproof or remover free.

Posted: Wed 12 Jul 17

Natio Ceramic Essential Oil Burner

NATIO Home Happiness Ceramic Essential Oil Burner Gift & Starter Set is an aromatherapy gift set that contains Ceramic Essential Oil Burner and Relax Essential Oil Blend.

Posted: Wed 12 Jul 17

Mirror mirror on my nails …

ON-TREND for spring in 2017 is this surprising new release from Essence Blossom Dreams range.