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Latest Health, Beauty and New Products

Posted: Wed 21 Jul 10

Get relief from everyday stress

Blackmores has released a new supplement in its war against stress, titled Everyday Stress Formula.

Posted: Wed 21 Jul 10

Enjoy natural arthritis relief

Faulding has launched a new ‘Joint & Muscle’ natural topical pain treatment product for the temporary relief of rheumatism arthritis, tendonitis and general aches and pains.

Posted: Wed 21 Jul 10

Gentle cleansing

Ellgy h2o Extra Gentle Foaming Cleanser is fragrance, soap, SLS, SLES and paraben free.

Posted: Wed 14 Jul 10

Dr LeWinn’s Medic Anti-Blemish Concealer

Pharmacy Favourite Dr LeWinn’s has released an Anti-Blemish Concealer.

Posted: Wed 14 Jul 10

Ultra3 Matte Lipsticks

Ultra3’s range of Matte Lipsticks are an incredibly affordable option for women looking for this season’s palate at a reasonable price.

Posted: Wed 14 Jul 10

Baby Botty Balm

Only Papaya’s Baby Botty Balm protects and soothes fragile skin that has become sensitive and sore from repeated nappy usage.

Posted: Wed 14 Jul 10

Saline nasal spray for kids

Care Pharmaceuticals’ Children’s Fess saline nasal spray for kids has been designed to provide natural relief from blocked noses.

Posted: Wed 14 Jul 10

Fight pimples with cleansing cloths