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Every Tuesday the Pharmacy Guild of Australia provides a news update which features in the newsletter. See below for the latest news from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

Guild Column

Posted: Tue 05 Jul 16

Guild Update – 5 July 16 : New guidelines for vaccination consultation rooms

A NEW Guild guide has been created to help pharmacists understand the specific requirements for consultation rooms to administer flu vaccines in community pharmacies.

Posted: Tue 28 Jun 16

Guild Update – 28 June 16 : Backing community pharmacy

WITH JUST a few days to go to the Federal Election, Guild Members will this week be receiving printed copies of the letters of support for community pharmacy received from the major political parties.

Posted: Tue 21 Jun 16

Guild Update – 21 June 16 : Political parties support community pharmacy

WITH less than two weeks until the Federal election, the Guild is pleased to have received letters of support from the Liberals, Nationals, the Australian Labor Party, the Australian Greens and the Nick Xenophon team.

Posted: Tue 14 Jun 16

Guild Update – 14 June 16 : MedsASSIST – Informing Medicine Decisions

THE GUILD urges all pharmacies to ensure they are utilising MedsASSIST - the codeine real-time system.

Posted: Tue 07 Jun 16

Guild Update – 7 June 16 : Guild Member turnover monitor can help business strategy

GUILD Members have access to useful industry-backed data that is aimed at helping them inform their pharmacy business strategies.

Posted: Tue 31 May 16

Guild Update – 31 May 16 : Guild welcomes proposed expansion of vaccinations

THE Guild welcomes the South Australian Government’s consideration of the option of expanding the pharmacy vaccination program to include other immunisations for adults, such as vaccinations that provide coverage for measles and pertussis.

Posted: Tue 24 May 16

Guild Update – 24 May 16 : Community pharmacy worthy of support

THE Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement was signed on the premise that the tried and tested community pharmacy model would be maintained.

Posted: Tue 17 May 16

Guild Update – 17 May 16 : The value of community pharmacy

GUILD Members have been invited to take part in the new chapter of the successful national consumer advertising campaign ‘Discover More, Ask Your Pharmacist’.