Every day this week, Pharmacy Daily is giving away hair removal packs, courtesy of Julienne.

Each pack contains Julienne Ultra Creme Bleach and the Julienne Soft Feel Wax Strips.

For the ultimate bleaching experience! Julienne Ultra Creme Bleach contains all you need to bleach dark body hair. A gentle bleaching treatment for sensitive skin. Now you can feel more confident with hair that blends naturally with your skin tone!

Julienne Soft Feel Wax Strips are ready-to-use, instant hair removal strips infused with soothing Geranium oil to enhance your home waxing experience. Soft feel technology strips are so easy to use and are ideal for all hair types.

For a chance to win your very own Julienne pack, simply be the first reader to send in the correct answer to the daily question below to

Monday 31 January 2011
Julienne Ultra Creme Bleach is fast acting as it works in ………. minutes

Tuesday 01 February 2011
Julienne Ultra Creme Bleach Kit contains 2 tubes, a ………. and a ………. bowl

Wednesday 02 February 2011
Name 2 benefits of Azulene oil

Thursday 03 February 2011
Each Julienne Wax Strip can be used _____ or _____ times

Friday 04 February 2011
Soft Feel Wax Strips _____ to skin reducing _____ residue

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Note: This competition ran in January 2011 and entries have closed.